Avijit Kumar

Cybersecurity Enthusisast, Pen testing and Cybersecurity Compliance

Designing a Hospital Network

I work as a Research Assistant at Johns Hopkins University designing a Hospital network for an upcoming course on Risk management Framework for Cybersecurity. I am making it compliant with NIST and HIPAA framework. I am thrilled to study the Risk assessment and the cybersecurity cost related to the same.

Compliance for a Company

I was working for Information systems of Maryland to develop a webinar series related to GDPR,PCI,HIPAA,NIST and Security in Cloud computing.

My Projects

I have done more than 10 projects as part of my undergrad and grad school. All of them were technical and used Cybersecurity tools or Raw coding in Python and C. I have worked on the OWASP top 10 and studied the most popular web securities.

Parrot Bebop 2 Hack

Used Buffer overflow to Ddos the drone also did a Evil twin attack.

Buffer Overflow

low level memory exploits in a controlled environment to get the root level access i.e. Priveledge escalation. Understand the preventive techniques like canaries and non-executable stack.

Cloud Security

Side Channel Attack on a Hypervisor: Emulated a Prime+probe Side Channel attack using 2 VM’s.We were able to create a successful side channel with 9 percent accuracy for up to 10 bits of message.

OWASP Top 10(2017)

Study and Understand the top 10 OWASP web vulnerability including SQL injection, XSS, CSRF etc. and exploiting them in DVWA.

3 tier Certificate Authority setup Using Cloud

Emulated the CA hierarchy by creating Root. CA, Intermediate CA, Issuing CA using Openssl. A server node hosted a website and an user node verified

IoT Security

Implementated of SIMECK Lightweight Block Cipher(2016) on Atmega 16 to evaluate performace and suitability for real time IoT devices.

Get in touch

I am a Grad student at Johns Hopkins MSSI(MS in Security Informatics), I am looking to work full time opportunity in cybersecurity complaince or engineering.